WTSOA Hosts “Drive To Survive” Seminar

Posted by on Mar 6, 2014

wisconsin3SAFETAC Training had the honor to present it’s “Drive To Survive” Seminar to over 80 attendees at the Wisconsin Traffic Safety Officer’s Association in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

WTSOA President Lt. Ken Pileggi praised the seminar by SAFETAC, “We could not have been happier.  We look forward to having you back.”

The Director of Training for SAFETAC, Travis Yates, spent his opening remarks on how the law enforcement profession can do better.  “We are writing our lessons in blood” Yates told the group.  “…But we have not been learning those lessons.

Sergeant Gwen Bruckner called the training “fantastic” but ultimately it is the State of Wisconsin & the WTSOA that should be commended. Their efforts in officer safety have been remarkable in the last decade and Yates discussed that trend during the Seminar.

“Wisconsin has seen a dramatic reduction in line of duty deaths in the last decade.  I am preaching to the choir here.  Others need to follow you…”

On behalf of SAFETAC Training, we are very mush appreciative of the opportunity to train such fine crime fighters at a great conference.


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  1. I am in the process of contacting supervisors and academy instructors regarding your course. I hope you can help train our depts here in NJ, as we have multiple cities of large populations and high crime rates within 100 miles of each other. You course could save officers’ lives.

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