Vicki Newman

vicki_newmanVictoria M. Newman is Founder of How2LoveYourCop an organization that provides resources, support, and encouragement for police families. Married 25 years to an Assistant Chief with the California Highway Patrol, she authored A CHiP on my Shoulder – How to Love Your Cop with Attitude, a realistic but positive book to help police wives in their marriages.

She speaks and leads seminars throughout the country, Canada, and the Philippines to police spouses and families, officers, and department leadership. Victoria has been instrumental in creating and conducting Spousal Academies for several departments, supporting organizations to promote Family Readiness. Most recently, she has begun work with Hunting for Heroes to create marriage retreats for wounded law enforcement. She personally mentors several officer wives and comes alongside families in crisis as she has been trained as a law enforcement chaplain.

Victoria is emerging as a known Advocate for law enforcement personnel and marriages through networking, speaking for cop families to civilian audiences and partnering with departments and other like-minded organizations. It is her belief that by educating, equipping and empowering police families with practical tools, supportive perspectives, and emotional and relational care, our officers will report for duty with better mindsets, confident they have support from home.

Victoria operated a book consulting business for the past ten years, collaborating, editing, and rewriting works on business practices, prison survival, special needs children, marriage, and a memoir from a World War II prisoner of war. Recently she collaborated with SSG Emmett Spraktes to write Selfish Prayer: How California National Guard DUSTOFF Changed the Face of Army Medevac amid the Chaos, Carnage and Politics of War. It was released in August 2013. The research of this controversial book took Victoria to several states of the Union, culminating at the White House for a Medal of Honor ceremony. The project also gave her an opportunity to see firsthand the emotional toll of war.Victoria has four teenage and adult children, resides in Sacramento, California, and is a member of Bayside Church.


What Others Are Saying:

“I’ve been married 27 years, and I’ve never heard this before. Thank you, thank you!” – wife of a police chief, Indiana

“You have a lot to say to us as officers. I wish I would’ve had this information 30 years ago with my first wife!” – 30+ year veteran officer, New Hampshire

“You were an inspiration to me today. I now have hope…” – police officer’s wife in Calgary, Canada