While there are many training opportunities, SAFETAC is unique in it’s specific focus combined with the expertise of it’s trainers.  Simply put, we have gathered some of the finest trainers in the country to deliver some of the most dynamic training known to the first responder community.


Strategic in that we target all of our curriculum to what is the most timely for the first responder profession and effective in how that is delivered and presented.  Our seminars are an experience and we fully intend to give those that attend one of the most memorable days of training that they have ever had.

Focused: in that we limit our courses to the most prominent causes of line of duty deaths.  Within law enforcement that is roadway incidents, violent attacks and heart attacks.  Our Mindset 360 Seminar focuses on each of those aspects and we have courses that focus on each individual issue.

Education, Training:  We believe this is the baseline for any officer safety program.  We do not take this responsibility lightly and our trainers have dedicated their careers to providing the best training and education that they can.

Consulting:  In addition to our day long seminars, we offer consulting services in various areas.  Whether it is an expert witness or the evaluation of an agency’s training program, we can offer the experts and the tools.  Contact us today to see a list of our experts and services.