SAFETAC Training has trained thousands of law enforcement officers in 46 states and 3 countries.  Here is a sample of those clients.


United States Forestry Department

United States Border Patrol

California Narcotics Officers Association

Anadarko (OK) Police Department

Orange County (CA) Probation and Patrol

Nevada HIDTA

Tulsa County (OK) Sheriff’s Department

Mansfield (TX) Police Department

Maine Police Chief’s Association

Missouri Sheriff’s Association

United States Fish and Wildlife Department

Windom (MN) Police Department

North Carolina Municipal League

Las Vegas Police Department

Lebanon (OR) Police Department

Federal Bureau of Investigation Academy Associates

Tulsa Fraternal Order of Police

Frisco (TX) Police Department

California Highway Patrol

Oklahoma Highway Patrol

Arkansas Criminal Justice Academy

Missouri Highway Patrol

Oregon State Sheriff’s Association

Wisconsin Traffic Safety Association

Oregon Peace Officers Association

Oregon Traffic Safety Association

Omaha Police Department

North Carolina Municipal League

Peel (Canada) Regional Police Department

Philippine National Police Department

Michigan State Police

Pennsylvania State Police

Milwaukee HIDTA

Bartlesville (OK) Police Department


And Many More………………………