Backup For The Home

SAFETAC Training is honored to present a very unique course that addresses one of the most critical aspects of any law enforcement officer.  Their wellness at the home.  This course is designed for the officer and their spouse and is taught by a renowed author and a law enforcement spouse, Vicki Newman.  Contact us today to bring this powerful Seminar to your location.

Seminar Description:

Unlike most other careers, law enforcement negatively affects marriages in several ways. Shift work, overtime, emotional withdrawal, and even the chemical reactions of on-duty/off-duty life take their toll on those at home. But marriage to a police officer isn’t doomed!

Learning to manage expectations, communicate, resolve conflicts, and intentional building of a positive life together can thwart the negative impact a crisis-driven career can have on a relationship. In this four-hour interactive seminar, you will learn new perspectives, begin to communicate more effectively, look at conflict differently, and become intentional in your marriage. Perfect for law enforcement spouses and officers.

Ask us about our special 8 hour Seminar that incorporates not only the winning strategies at home but the overall physical wellness of officers and their spouses.


Here’s what others have said about this seminar:


“I’ve been married 27 years, and I’ve never heard this before. Thank you, thank you!” – wife of a police chief, Indiana

“You have a lot to say to us as officers. I wish I would’ve had this information 30 years ago with my first wife!” – 30+ year veteran officer, New Hampshire

“You were an inspiration to me today. I now have hope…” – police officer’s wife in Calgary, Canada