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“Seconds 4 Survival:  Survive The Ambush”


“It took me 53 years in law enforcement to attend a class like this.” Deputy Jerry Koester

“This training that will save your life and you must have it!” Todd, Oakland Police Department

“The best presentation I have had in over 22 years in law enforcement.”  Sgt. Michael Huber, McMinnville Police Department

Be Part Of An Elite Team

Tulsa (OK): October 15-17, 2018

Only 100 Trainers Will Receive This Training

Ambushes against law enforcement have increased dramatically in recent years and with that comes important and dynamic techniques to avoid and survive deadly ambush attacks.

SAFETAC Training is honored to provide this exclusive course to law enforcement.

Seconds 4 Survival is a dynamic, media intensive course designed to reduce the reactionary gap that can lead to deadly consequences in law enforcement interactions with suspects.  Real life scenarios combined with tactical considerations are discussed throughout the training that will give the student the knowledge to survive attacks. Here are just some of the important topics taught in “Seconds 4 Survival: Win The Ambush:”

  • Characteristics of Cop Killers
  • Pre-Attack Indicators
  • Body Language Clues For Danger
  • Successful Performance Under Stress
  • How To Prevent The Ambush
  • The Dangers of ‘Action vs Reaction’
  • Verbal & Non-Verbal Clues To The Attack
  • Command Presence For Survival
  • What Does Suspect Deception Mean
  • Weapon Indicators
  • Fight or Flight: The Key To Survival
  • Case Law That Enables You To Survive

“Every officer needs to know these critical skills and this class stands as the best that I have seen of its’ kind in my almost 30 years of LE education and training.”  Duane Wolf, Minnesota

100 Trainers Will Receive The Following

Tulsa (OK): October 15-17, 2018

  1. Three days of action packed training led by our team of experts in the field of defensive tactics, pre-incident indicators and counter ambush tactics
  2. USB Drive containing the digital properties to our exclusive course, Seconds4Survival.
  3. ‘Turn Key’ presentations to our 4, 8 and 16 hour course, Seconds4Survival.
  4. Manual containing over 1000 pages of resource and research material.
  5. Several books, valued at hundreds of dollars, from our exclusive partners that will develop your “expert” status in the field of pre-incident indicators and violence survival.
  6. Exclusive 24 month Access to our #Seconds4Survival Instructor Forum where you will continue to develop and provide your students with the most current and up to date survival curriculum.
  7. 100 Trainers will get all of this and much, much more……….

Your Price – $999


Why only 100 Trainers?

Seconds4Survival is the most important training we have ever seen and teaching it correctly could literally mean the difference between life and death.  SAFETAC Training will certify 100 instructors in Seconds4Survival in 2018 and 2019.  Although the demand for this curriculum is extremely high, we are limiting the graduates because we have a responsibility to ensure that we can provide all of the mentorship and “backup” that may be needed in the months that will follow the 3 day training course.  Our online portal is designed to be interactive where we can personally help each graduate as they develop their training for their agency.

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About The Instructor

Major Travis Yates began his career in 1993 with the Tulsa (OK) Police Department. He has served 18 years of his career in a patrol function with other assignments in Gangs, Media Relations, Training, Special Events, Planning and Technology. He currently commands the Special Operations Division with responsibility over SWAT, K-9, Helicopter, Disaster Response, Special Response Team and the Bomb Squad.  Travis commands the Risk Management Division along with developing the Tulsa Police Athletic League.  He is a past recipient of the Medal of Valor, Lifesaving Award and four Chief’s Awards for department innovation and recognition.

Travis has been recognized throughout the world in regards to law enforcement training and he has taught his risk management philosophy and officer safety training in three countries and in 46 states in the last decade. Travis is a past recipient of the International Police Trainer of the Year Award from ILEETA and the Editor In Chief with Law Officer Magazine.  He is one of the most prolific writers in law enforcement, authoring hundreds of articles for various publications.  Travis is often interviewed by major media outlets in regards to law enforcement with past interviews including CNN, USA Today and the Associated Press.

Travis holds a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern State University and is a graduate of the 227th Session of the FBI National Academy. He is the Past President of ALERT International, Founder of the Courageous Leadership Institute and co-founder of the Below 100 Initiative which strives through a series of articles, classes and “train the trainer” courses to reduce line of duty deaths in America to below 100 per year.

His latest seminar, Courageous Leadership for Law Enforcement, has been popular throughout the country and will have an accompanying book in 2017.

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Whether it’s his decade long seminar called Drive To SurviveOfficer Survival Course or Courageous Leadership, Travis Yates will bring a passion and enthusiasm to your audience like you have never seen before.


What Others Are Saying About Travis:

“It took me 53 years in law enforcement to attend a class like this.” Deputy Jerry Koester

“The best presentation I have had in over 22 years in law enforcement.”  Sgt. Michael Huber, McMinnville (OR) Police Department

“The instructor, Travis Yates, immediately connected with the class and made this class engaging and informative. His years of experience in police supervision and administration was evident as he was able to link theory with practice. The class was very well organized and was taught in such a way that it made us really think about our role as leaders and the responsibility that brings within our organizations and communities. This is some of the best training I have attended in over 40 years of law enforcement.”  Scott Johnson, Chief of Police – Grand Rapids (MN) Police Department  

“I walked away motivated and inspired!  Thank you for what you do, helping Officers better themselves.  Our Officers and Communities are better with this type of training.” Officer Corey Rosen, Boardman (OR) Police Department

“Travis is one of the best in the business.  In the many years I have known and worked with Travis I have always found him to be an innovator in the training community. All his programs are research driven with the end result being, the student receiving state of the art education. Every one of Travis’s projects or training programs that I have witness and/or been involved in is well thought out and goals and objectives oriented. Simply put – anything Travis does will be done well.”  Tony Scotti, Vehicle Dynamics Institute

“When you spoke at the conference, I was literally in awe and completely focused on you and every word you spoke.  Your speech had a profound impact on me as a human being.”  Karen, 2013 CHP Conference

“Your class was undoubtedly one of the best ones my officers have had in many years.”  Major Chris Boyd, Fort Smith Police Department

“Your class should be required for every single police officer in America.”  Officer Jason Cummings

“In my 12 year career, this was the best class I have ever taken”  Sergeant Josh Johnson

“…You made it fun, interesting and real all at the same time. Trust me, it’s not often when officers stay focused on training….” Captain Scott Eakers