Left of Bang Leadership

Taught by Jeff Crow, Modern Day Knight Training Group LLC,  this course is adapted from the title of the book Left of Bang, by Patrick Van Horne and Jason Riley which is a practical guide to recognize universal human behaviors that often precede an attack.  The premise of the book is for military or law enforcement personnel to gain the ability to recognize pre-attack indicators as far in advance of an attack as possible.  If you picture a linear depiction of how an attack unfolds, everything that occurs to left of the “bang” (gunfire, physical assault, or explosion etc.) allows for proactive actions, while everything “right of bang” is reactive.  

This course is a broader application of this concept.  From the perspective of a law enforcement leader, their “bang” can often take the form of deadly force events, vehicle crashes, criminal investigations of officers, line of duty injuries or death, or a myriad of other catastrophic events.   Proactive leadership is the key to thriving in these critical incidents when the margin for error is very small. Unfortunately, there are too many examples of law enforcement fellow leaders who were not prepared for their “bang”. This has resulted in devastating consequences for their officers, departments, and communities.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • The Characteristics of Successful Organizations
  • The Law Enforcement Leaders Role in Officer Safety (Below 100)
  • Training- Expense or Investment
  • Reasonable Force- Policy, Training, Investigations Best Practices
  • Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)