Tactical Medicine

Street Medicine for Law Enforcement

The streets are our battlefield. On good days we all go home safely but not every day is a good day. If you and your fellow officers have one of these bad days and someone gets hurt, do you know what to do? Do you have the mindset, the knowledge, and the equipment to rescue a downed officer and provide life-saving treatment?

Attendees will get an overview of current recommended tactics and treatment techniques for response to low frequency / high risk events such as shootings and mass casualty events.  In addition, attendees will receive an update of recommended response to high frequency / low risk events including vehicle collisions, heart attacks, diabetic emergencies, and other commonlife-threatening conditions that law enforcement officers encounter.

Based on the concepts Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3) and realistically adapted for law enforcement officers, this class offers training on how to rescue injured personnel from hostile environments and how to control bleeding, manage breathing and airways, and treat chest injuries. Learn how to be the warrior…and bring the others back.

This program is designed as an informative in-service session for large groups.  Hands-on training can be conducted with smaller groups.