Officer Survival: Mindset 360

This innovative course takes the most common types of line of duty death/injuries and outlines strategic and proven methods to make those in attendance safer and empower them to mentor others.

Topics include the leading causes of death in law enforcement including roadway incidents, felonious assaults, heart attacks and emotional health.  The unique approach of this course discusses these well-known topics in a fashion that will get and maintain the attention of the audience.  The importance of sound leadership, “courageous conversations”, and turning back a dangerous culture within the law enforcement profession are just some of the issues discussed.

Additional topics include the effects of stress, pre-attack indicators, the “fight or flight” stage and vehicle stop tactics.

Taught by full time officers with decades of training experience, we guarantee that Officer Survival:  Mindset 360 will change what you think about Officer Safety.

Utah DPS Sergeant Doug Larsen calls the class “one of the most important to the profession he has seen in two decades.”