WTSOA Hosts “Drive To Survive” Seminar

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SAFETAC Training had the honor to present it’s “Drive To Survive” Seminar to over 80 attendees at the Wisconsin Traffic Safety Officer’s Association in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. WTSOA President Lt. Ken Pileggi praised the seminar by SAFETAC, “We could not have been happier.  We look forward to having you back.” The Director of Training for SAFETAC, Travis Yates, spent his opening remarks on how the law enforcement profession can do better.  “We are writing our lessons in blood” Yates told the...

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Time – Want More?

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I recently saw a cartoon depicting a doctor speaking with a slightly overweight patient.  The caption of the doctor speaking read, “Would you rather exercise one hour per day or be dead 24 hours a day?” To me, the correct option seemed obvious.  To others, I believe the choice posed seemed a bit harsh. As I thought more about it, I realized this question is quite possibly being avoided by millions around the world! We are driven to succeed…make more money…own businesses…own homes…take vacations…retire early…live the good...

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The New Normal

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Note:  This article was written by SAFETAC Trainer Travis Yates in late 2013 as the 100th officer was killed in the line of duty.  It was originally posted at Below 100 and has been edited by the author for SAFETAC.  According to Travis Yates, “If you want to know why SAFETAC was formed then you will find it in this article.  In summary, SAFETAC is about changing the culture and ultimately saving lives.”   It is December 20th and American Law Enforcement has just suffered their 100th Line of Duty Death in 2013.  It is the...

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