SAFETAC & Below 100

Posted by on Feb 18, 2014

BELOW 100 is a National Campaign to reduce Law Enforcement Line of Duty Deaths to Below 100 per year.  One may ask why SAFETAC is so closely alligned with the efforts of Below 100 and the answer is simple.

SAFETAC is Below 100 and we believe that Below 100 is SAFETAC.  Captain Travis Yates sat across the table from several renowed trainers in 2010 and boldly made his case on how Line of Duty Deaths could go below 100.  Many good trainers and more importantly good people took that idea and made it what it is today and like Below 100, SAFETAC is carrying that philosophy in everything we do.

Travis Yates has brought his Officer Safety Expertise to SAFETAC and he is joined by several others that are carrying the torch for Below 100 and specific SAFETAC Courses.

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