Wellness Behind The Badge

There is an epidemic in the world that is killing hundreds of thousands of people. It doesn’t care about age, race, money or faith. Sadly this epidemic runs rampant in our families, careers, places of worship and marriages.This epidemic is called STRESS and we all fight it. Fortunately, there are proven methods in dealing with this killer, and yet we rarely hear this message.

We invite you to attend and learn these simple life-changing principles to combat and win victory over stress. “Conquering Stress and Developing Wellness Behind The Badge” will show you how to return to a peaceful lifestyle and allow yourself to flourish and grow more than ever before.Don’t allow you and your loved ones to believe that stress is “just an acceptable part of life.” Take these simple steps provided to learn how to defeat stress once and for all!  This original course has been taught to thousands of police officers, first responders, and business professionals. You don’t want to miss this critical opportunity for overcoming stress!


“This class far surpassed my expectations. I had no idea what to expect, but this was absolutely great. It is necessary for all.”  Chief Chris Braddock