The First Three Seconds

Surviving The First Three Seconds:  Characteristics of an Armed Combative Subject


Surviving the first three seconds is a program that is designed to take the reactionary gap off of the officer and put it back onto the suspect. This is done through a 5 step program that focuses on:


1.Identifying armed individuals through body language indicators.

2.Identifying armed individuals through clothing indicators.

3. Street level interrogation skills.

4. Street level lie detection skills.

5.Identifying assaultive indicators through body language and verbal indicators.


This Course is taught by North Carolina Trooper Robbie Robertson. Robbie is one of the most popular instructors in law enforcement today and SAFETAC Training is honored to have his exclusive course.


Recent Review by Duane Wolf:  “As a writer, researcher, retired police officer and law enforcement instructor I thought I had a pretty good grasp on officer safety, the ability to spot armed suspects, pre-attack cues and signs of deception.I had the privilege of attending Kirk Hensley’s “The First 3 Seconds’, where I got schooled, in a good way.  It is not very often when I leave a class wishing that I had the information 10 years ago. The techniques and tactics are scientifically researched and validated both in the lab and on the street. Kirk’s presentation skills kept the audience attention with his sense of humor and his vast knowledge on the subjects.  I would recommend this class to every officer, regardless of how skilled you think you are, you will leave this class a smarter and safer officer. Every officer needs to know these critical skills and this class stands as the best that I have seen of its’ kind in my almost 30 years of LE education and training.”