Our Story

SAFETAC Training was developed by Traci Grimes.  Traci suffered the tragic loss of her father in the line of duty when she was just four years old.  This event continues to shape Traci’s life as she dedicated her early career to helping victims of crime and is now the owner of SAFETAC Training which sole purpose is to reduce line of duty deaths and injuries.

Travis Yates is the Director of Training, full-time police officer and has spent his career training first responders across the world.  He was named the ILEETA/Law Officer Magazine International Trainer of the Year in 2008, co-founded Vest For Life Inc in 2009 and was a founding member of Below 100 in 2011.  He has been published over 200 times in various publications, writing for 11 years  for Police One on officer safety and risk management.  In April 2015, he was named as the Chief Editorial Advisor for Law Officer Magazine and in January 2016 he became the Editor In Chief.

SAFETAC has some of the most knowledgeable and dynamic presenters in the industry today.  Tony Scotti describes it has “state of the art education” and we believe that you will agree.  Our training has a specific focus on the three largest threats to law enforcement today (Driving, Violent Encounters & Wellness) and we have full time law enforcement professionals delivering the most up to date courses on these topics in one day seminars.  Our trainers are authors of books, write monthly for various law enforcement publications and are literally the foremost experts in their field.

Finally, we want our seminars to be affordable and when compared to others, you will see that the main goal of SAFETAC is to bring the information to those that need it the most in the most economical fashion available.  We will work with you and do whatever it takes to bring SAFETAC to you.

Contact us and find out how you can bring SAFETAC Training to your area.

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